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How a Tool Design Review Inspired Companywide Collaboration

Not every precision metal components manufacturer has an in-house tool and die shop. Those who make the investment know the benefits that come from managing the design and build of the die. For KMC, managing the tool build also helps us to maintain the lead time, quality, and total cost of components delivered to the end customer. This level of control is achieved through internal and customer collaboration.

“We have a marriage between our die shop and our stamping facility that you wouldn’t have with a subcontractor,” says Ed Burton, Director of Tool Engineering for KMC. “We can’t afford shortcuts or miscommunications with the die build because we are responsible for the lifecycle of the tool.”

An in-house tool shop, for example, understands what it takes to make a die run repeatedly to a quoted speed, including the tonnage it takes, sensor timing, and part ejection timing. Toolmakers have a chance to see how the tool wears over time, learning from the manufacturing experience from a given die design to make improvements for the next tool build. Read more.